America Recycles Day is Nov 15

Posted on: Wed, 11/14/2012 - 15:27| By: GinaBina


Info from Peoria County Recycling.  County Recycling will be at Hy-Vee on Nov 15 from 10am-12pm.


America Recycles Day is celebrated nationally on November 15th. This is a day to bring attention to closing the loop and buying recycled products. Successful recycling calls for 3 steps:


1. Collection of commodities-This is our part. We place accepted items into the recycling bin at home or a drop-off site.

2. Manufacturing- This done by the end markets of recycling companies. Recycling facilities collect, sort and sell items to be re-manufactured/ re-formed.

3. Purchasing- Buying items made from recycled products. As consumers, we are vital to the 1st and 3rd steps. We must get things into the bin, and we must buy items made from recycled content.


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