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Easter Egg Yarn Craft Treat

Posted on: Wed, 03/20/2013 - 17:19| By: GinaBina


I saw this awesome egg craft shared a few times on my facebook feed.  Google the image "Easter Egg Craft Little Birdie Invitations and Design" for the pretty picture.  Ours came out more like spherical balls.  The kids and I tried it out to see how simple it is, and it is simple.  We slightly modified the directions.  If you've been following activities, you should all ready have yarn, balloons, and maybe gold chocolate coins in your house :)  


Learn A Language Online For FREE Through Peoria Public Library

Posted on: Wed, 03/20/2013 - 16:33| By: GinaBina

This blog is being reposted from earlier. This would be a great idea during spring break. Note: This may be for Peoria residents only. Check your local library

A homeschooling friend told me about the FREE Mango Languages Online Program through Peoria Public Library. It offers 31 language courses including spanish, mandarin, italian, french, german, arabic, tagalog, hindi, pirate, and more. Yes, Pirate! That one is a fun one for the kiddos! Doing the course with your kids is a great way to learn, practice, and bond together. It is a great idea for summer enrichment.