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How to post a a new topic or a calendar event on MOMS challenge

Posted on: Sun, 11/16/2008 - 13:55| By: GinaBina

How to post a a new topic or a calendar event

Two ways:
1) On the left menu, click "Create Forum Topic" or "Create Calendar Event"
2)On MOMS Challenge Page, click Forums tab or Events Tab. Click "submit a new discussion topic to this group" or "submit a new calendar event to this group."

The fastest way to get back to the MOMS challenge home page is to click "MOMS Challenge" on the left menu.

Another way to get back to MOMS challenge home page is by going to the "Groups" tab at the top.

Comment, and let me know how to make this more user-friendly, or if you need to know how something works.

Submitted by GinaBina on

FYI, your posts are only showed to the MOMS Challenge Group. It may look like your posting to the public, but you're not.

The "Active Forum Topics" on the left menu are the topics of your group(s), and default public forums. The same is true for the "Forums" link on the very top bar. Topics only shown to group members.

Also, if you add a calendar event, it is only shown to your groups only, not the public.

If you want, you can also post to MOMS challenge, other groups, and the public forums by clicking on "Groups" under the Body Box or Event Description Box. The "MOMS challenge audience" box is checked automatically. You can also check other groups and the public as an audience for your posts.

But automatically, MOMS challenge posts are shown to MOMS challenge members only.