Walking Club

Posted on: Sun, 11/16/2008 - 03:05| By: GinaBina

Are we still doing walking club twice a week? I could do Friday's, but I'm hardly ever out the door that early.

I'd be willing to do an afternoon mall-walking? Let me know who's interested.


Submitted by Nancy on

I would be interested in walking in the afternoon. What time?

Submitted by GinaBina on

What time does Chris get out of school, and what time would you be done eating lunch with him?

Jude is in pre-school Mon, Tu, Th from 12:30-3:00.

I can walk while Jude is in pre-school Mon, Tu, Th. Or I can walk with both kids if it's a Weds or Fri afternoon. Let me know.

Submitted by marin on

Campbell is in school the same time as Jude so if there is a time you would like while school is going on let me know.

Submitted by marin on

This week will not work, but next week I could. Bathroom remodel starts tomorrow and I do not like leaving the house when there are people in it.