Rules for Challenge‏

Posted on: Sun, 11/16/2008 - 02:24| By: GinaBina

From Nancy's Email

-- Challenge begins Friday, Nov 14. Note: This challenge is based on the honor system.

-- Email or call me with your beginning weight.

-- Mail a check of $10 to my home address: 5924 W. Ivyleaf Ct, Peoria, Il 61615. Make check to Nancy Yankello. On the bottom of the check write weight loss challenge

-- Optional: Take a before photo- Heather has volenteered to take our pictures. If you like, we can meet somewhere or we can meet here at my house. If you don’t want an individual picture, we can take a group photo. That would be fun! We can post it in the newletter. Just an idea.

-- Optional: Email me your weight each Fridays. I won’t be posting people’s weights.

-- The final weigh in needs to happen on the same scale as the starting weight

-- Final weight in will be on Wednesday, Jan 14th.

-- Whoever has the biggest percentage weight loss will be our Weigh Loss Challenge WINNER!

-- Marin will anounce the winner on Thursday, Jan 15th

-- The winner will receive 90 BUCKS. You not only look GREAT but you win the moola!

Ladies please join me at the YMCA on Monday, November 17 @ 9:30 A.M. to pick up your YMCA guest pass. If the 17th does not work for you, let me know.

Please bring the following: ID, $25 ( this is for 8 wks - great deal) and if your kids are going to child care, bring $1 per kid. The child care is wonderful- I promise you that the kids will love it there! Remember the first visit to the YMCA is free. Please let me know if you are meeting me at the Y. I’ll keep my eyes open for ya!

Contestants/ Supporter: During the next 8 weeks let’s encourage each other during the weight loss challenge. Try to make one act of encouragement for your friends. You will feel encouraged that you did something nice for a friend. You never know…they may be having a rough day and your little note or act of kindness could make all the difference.

Here are ways that you can encourage your buddies!

-- Pick-up the phone and see how they are doing.

-- Mail them an encouraging note. It doesn’t have to be long.

-- Meet up for coffee- fyi: coffee club is at my house in Dec. Please come!

-- Meet up at a kid-friendly restaurant with your kids, but stay on your diet!

-- Meet at the park and bring a healthy snack.

-- Say the words, “Have you lost more weight? Those jeans look fabulous on you!”

-- Go for a walk together or meet at the YMCA.

-- While dads stays home and baby-sits, meet up with other moms for MOMS Night Out.

-- Send an email to a friend and say that you were thinking about them.

-- Send out an e-mail to everyone in the challenge and tell them how you are doing.