Posted on: Mon, 11/17/2008 - 00:08| By: GinaBina

So one of my fitness goals is to jog a half-marathon in May. I think that's enough time to train.

At first, I couldn't even run. I started off training just walking 1.5 miles. Then, started really slowly and jogged .25 mile. When I felt comfortable I went up jogging to .5 mile to 1 mile to 1.5 miles to 2 miles, and finally to 2.5 miles now.

I'm running on a treadmill at 0% incline, and need to increase the incline so it's similar to real roads. Increasing the treadmill's incline is a goal.

I run every other day. And sometimes walk during the alternating days. I found that walking on an incline burns a lot of calories.