2008 Health Resolutions

Posted on: Fri, 01/11/2008 - 21:09| By: pdaddy

I think everyone has some kind of health related goal like exercise more and eat better.

These are some fun ways to meet those goals:
- play more with your kids - like being a horsy, tag, & wrestling.

eat better(lower cholesterol)
- 1 hershey kisses per day
- 1 bowl of honey nut cheerios
- 1 glass of red wine per day

So play more with your kids, eating cereal with your kid, having a hershey kisses, and a glass of red wine are fun ways to meet your goals.


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The ground hog saw its shadow in Pennsylvania so it looks like 6 more wks. of winter - I don't know about you but all this snow shoveling has given me good physical workouts -especially with the size of my driveway.