Tips on Restaurant Eating

Posted on: Mon, 11/17/2008 - 11:32| By: GinaBina

Eating out has lots of temptations. Share your tips on how you stay on track or will stay on track when you eat out. The easiest is to avoid eating out, and save money. But what do you do if you're required to eat out at a restaurant for a relative's b-day like your mom.


Submitted by GinaBina on

One tip is to avoid the sides unless it's veggies. I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings this past weekend, and just ate the boneless wings, and avoided the onion rings which i like.

Submitted by Flores on

My husband and I sometimes share an entree at a restaurant. It's less calories and less money.

Submitted by mrshaahn on

Grilled fish, grilled chicken and salads are often a good bet but make sure to ask about seasoning, sauces or butters that can make it as bad as something fried! Sometimes asking for sauce on the side is a bad idea because you end up using more than is originally on the item.