Peoria County Civic Leadership Program

Posted on: Fri, 11/21/2008 - 23:47| By: GinaBina

I am participating in the Peoria County Civic Leadership Program, and find it very informative. Before this program, I grouped Peoria CITY govt and peoria COUNTY govt together. But they are 2 separate entities. We learn how county govt responsibilities are different (or the same) from city and state govts. We also learn how county govt interacts with city, state, and federal govts.

We've learned about how some county programs are funded, and have learned how our property taxes are determined and distributed

it would be nice if peoria city govt had a similar program. i would like to learn more about school district funding. Although, the schol district budget is online on a school district's website.

I would highly recommend the Peoria County Civic Leadership Program, to learn more about local govt. The county officials we've met are very approachable, and are very willing to help the public. It does get confusing with who does, county, state, or federal govt. But after participating in this program, responsibilities for the different level of govt are a little clearer to me.

I encourage parents to contact their local, state, and federal govt officials with issues important to them. So their officials know what's going on with their citizens.