New at the Peoria Zoo: New Tigers, New Entrance, New Australia, New Entertainment

Posted on: Thu, 08/02/2012 - 19:07| By: PeoriaParent

There are a lot of good changes happening at the Peoria Zoo.  If you haven’t heard, the most exciting announcement is the Zoo welcoming four baby Amur tigers.  The cubs and mother “Kyra” will stay in the house until the cubs are old enough to safely navigate the outdoor exhibit and the mother is calm having them on exhibit. This will take several more weeks so in the mean time, pictures and videos of the cubs will be posted on the Zoo’s website,

The Barton Pavillion is the new entrance to the Peoria Zoo.  It has several ticket windows, a gift shop, concessions and 40 extra parking spaces that can also be used for the Peoria Playhouse Museum when it opens

The new Australian Walkabout will open to the public on Aug. 14.  It's a fenced-in area where the human animals will be asked to stick to the faux-brick path, but the Australian animals will be free to roam.

Also, Heather Maughan with her electric ukele can be found entertaining and educating at the outdoor stage during the 3 p.m. Animal Program.

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