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My childhood included Sesame Street, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, and Reading Rainbow. My son’s childhood includes the same with practicing numbers on Sesame Street, and giggling with Calliou, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Curious George the Monkey. These children’s programs on WTVP are in danger of going off the air in Central Illinois. It would be a shame to lose these family shows.

What’s happening? WTVP is Central Illinois’ station for PBS programming. They will cease to exist, unless they pay millions for their loan or restructure their debt by January 15. To get the full story, go to

Many Peoria media sources questioned how WTVP got to this situation in the first place? It’s a good question that needs thorough answers (later), but first WTVP needs saving from the chopping block. It would be unfortunate for central Illinois kids to lose out on PBS programming.

WTVP asks for pledges for their “Save Our Station” campaign. Also, some employers make matching contributions. Pledges will not be collected before March 2008 if the station survives this. If WTVP goes dark, there is no obligation to the pledges. Let’s hope for the better option for our kids.


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Visit for the complete update. The long-term debt restructuring offer has been rejected. WTVP is working on their last and final offer. We'll see what happens.

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WTVP's final offer is rejected. According to WTVP's website...Chet Tomczyk, President and CEO of WTVP, indicated that there was a faint glimmer of hope. “We need a $2 million angel right now,” he said. "We are that amount different between what the banks said they would accept and what we have available to pay. For an immediate $2 million, we would put the person or company’s name on the building if they wished, but what a terrific legacy that would leave to Central Illinois.”