Slowdown Xmas! Let's Still Remember Thanksgiving (With Fun Crafts)

Posted on: Sun, 11/18/2012 - 21:33| By: GinaBina


My son has been concerned since October that Christmas stuff is out at the stores.  Your kids have probably noticed this too.  Since there's so much Xmas on tv and the stores all ready, I wanted to focus more on Thanksgiving in the home.  So we did (or tried) a a few Thanksgiving crafts- Pine Cone Turkey, Hand Turkey, & Thankful List


Pine Cone Turkey:  Surprisingly, there was leftover crafty stuff in my house when there was none last year. Just pull out any crafty stuff and improvise with the kids.  I pulled out feathers, pine cones, fuzzy sticks/pipe cleaners, googly eyes, colored paper, & puffballs.  As you see in the accompanying pic, I was trying to model a turkey with a pine cone,  fuzzy stick/pipe cleaner feathers, & a puffball head with googly eyes.  Child #1 created a headless pine cone turkey and an angry bird slingshot with the white chicken.  Child #2 was sticking googly eyes on puff balls and running around with a giant googly eye on his forehead like a cyclops.  And nobody wanted real feathers.  Although the crafts didn't come out as intended, we were creating memories.  If you don't have pine cones, maybe use a paper plate, a paper cup, a rock, or just paper  as a body.  There's no real need to buy crafty stuff, just see what you have in your house and improvise.  Trust me, the kids will have improvising. 


Hand Turkey:  I always enjoy the crafts with hand prints as a remembrance of the kids growing up.  We have some with painted hand prints from an art class or preschool.  I'm unsure if there will be a Thanksgiving craft coming home from school, so I wanted to do one at home.  Well, since there is no paint in the house, we just traced hands with markers (or crayons).  We drew in a turkey face and colored the feather fingers.  At the bottom, you or your child can write a list for what they're thankful for.  Don't forget to date it.  This will be a simple keepsake year after year.  So if you have paint in the house, then great!  If not, just use simple crayons and markers.  Everyone will enjoy this.  



As a parent, I want my kids to enjoy & remember great, fun experiences like these crafts.  I  also hope I'm teaching them to be thankful.  I hope not to get caught up in the materialism of Christmas, and hope my kids do not either.   As the saying goes, "There's a reason for the season."