Real Peoria Parents Fitting in Exercise

Posted on: Sun, 01/13/2013 - 21:51| By: GinaBina

I’m sure that most people have health-related New Year’s resolutions.  If you’ve fallen off the wagon, just pick yourself back up.  It’s ok to stumble, as long as you’re going forward.  Here’s some visual motivation to be healthy:  Being a parent who will play tag, play chase, give piggy back rides, climb monkey bars, ride bikes, and more.  Kids learn from example, and you’re their main example on what a healthy lifestyle is.  

Also, if you ask any parent who regularly exercises, the excercise/endorphins helps them  handle the bumps and stresses of parenthood better.  Usually, that stress works it’s way out.  

Here are Peoria- area resources for inspiration and support, and they’re all parents fitting in the time for a workout.  

Run With Jess:  If you ever meet this mom, she’s a creative ball of energy & inspiration.  In her words about her 3rd year of blogging, “ I try my best to keep it real here... an honest account of my running adventures and weight struggles.”  She’s also one of the newest spin instructors at Landmark Health Club.

Sexy Mother Runner:  I’ve watched Danyelle grow & transform on her journey with her first half marathon, full marathon, & triathlon.  Read her blog partner, Bekah’s, journey on her first full marathon this year.  Both are moms with young kids fitting it in.  

Marianne’s Lifestyle Empowerment:  Marianne is truly an inspiration.  She had a bad motorcycle accident, and her recovery & rehabilitiation are truly unbelievable. She’s back to her usual self as a trainer and empowerment coach in the Peoria area.  She’s also very knowledgeable on the paleo way of eating   

Getting Healthy and Active with Abby:  Abby has enthusiastic energy about health, especially since she’s lost over 130 pounds with eating healthy and excercise.  She loves racing with her little boy.  

Skinny Bitch in the Making:  When I bumped into Steph (since I hadn’t seen her in a awhile), her transformation is amazing.  She’s lost over 80 pounds with exercise and clean eating.  Her kids know that exercise is a regular part of her day.

Health and Harmony:  Barb is passionate about the her family’s health.  Visit her page to learn more

Runners are huge fitness cheerleaders.  The Peoria Sole Sisters and Women of Washington (W.O.W meeting at Five Points) are the biggest cheerleaders.  There is no such thing as slow...a mile is a mile no matter the time.  Both groups are appropriate for the couch to 5K  beginning runners and seasoned runners.  The women in both groups are so encouraging, and several are mothers.

Don’t ever be self-conscious in a group zumba, turbo kick, spin, or pump class.  No one is looking at you. Everyone is there to have fun and burn energy. If you commit to being a regular, then you get over being self-conscious.  Introduce yourself to your energetic instructor to feel more comfy and absorb their positively infectious energy.  (Janet at the YMCA and Amy at Landmark are my favorites in encouraging fitness fun.) 

After the birth of my 2nd, I signed up to do a half marathon, since I thought the training would be a way to lose the baby weight.  Well, I enjoyed it so much that I’ve done four halfs (but I’m not back to pre-baby weight.)  I joined Sole Sisters, and found encouragement and camaraderie. Then, unfortunately, I sustained a running injury, and needed to add more cross-training.  I met more awesome gals in zumba and turbo kick classes, and am slowly adding running back in.  I think I’ve got the exercise part, but I’m working on the eating part for a healthy lifestyle.  There will be bumps, but I’m moving forward.  I’m modeling a healthy lifestyle for my kids, and the kids & I look forward to running races this year.  (I’m also proud that my working husband also fits in a run every other day.)