Posted on: Mon, 12/17/2012 - 20:58| By: GinaBina


In all honesty, I was only an avid Pinterest user for the first month that I signed up.  Then, I realized that I probably wouldn't do any of these pins/ideas on my personal account.  The public pinterest account just has a few, but they are proven & done by me.  If you don't have pinterest, then I'll just be listing my proven pins below.



Christmas Card Booklets:  Save all the holiday picture cards you receive, punch a few holes in them and add rings/ribbons/pipe cleaners to keep them together...use as coffee table books at the holidays!!!  It's nice to look at these books with your kids.  See attached pics for the ones I did


Glow in the Dark Fun:  Stick glow sticks in balloons for awesome fun in the dark.  My kids & their friends love this!  It's about a $1 for 15 pack of glowsticks at Michael's.  See our facebook pic on our fun.


Air-powered Lego Car:  Make a lego car and power it with a deflating balloon.  This is a good one about trial & error.  The kids can engineer different kinds of cars, and figure out which one works best.


Naked Egg Experiment:  Stick a raw egg in vinegar in 24 hours.  You will see the egg's shell dissolve or "bubble" away because of the vinegar reacting with shell.  There will just be a rubbery, bloated membrane encasing the yolk, with no shell.  My kids found this awesome.  Heck, I found it absolutely awesome. 


Fitted Sheet for Box Spring:  Use a fitted sheet instead of dust ruffle for the box spring.  I like the clean lines of a fitted sheet compared to a dust ruffle.  This is not on the pinterest account, but I read it somewhere on pinterest, but don't remember where. 


Organized Sheet Sets:  Store your sheet sets in the corresponding matching pillow case.  This tip grealy organized my linen closet.  The fitted sheets were the problem originally.  Storing the flat, fitted, & a pillowcase in the 2nd matching pillowcase gave rise to neat piles in my linen closet.  Love it!  (Again, I read this somewhere in pinterest, but don't remember where).   



Anything crafty or pin-inspired has to be EASY to do for me & the kids, and with common household items.  Anything simple for a busy parent.