Our Favorite Spots To Enjoy Autumn Colors In Peoria With The Kids

Posted on: Thu, 10/17/2013 - 14:04| By: GinaBina

Fall colors are magnificent!  We wish the leaves changed colors more slowly, so the season would be longer.  We are enjoying every minute of it!  Below is a list of places where we thoroughly enjoy this season.    
Grandview Drive & Grandview Drive Park:  Drive down Grandview Drive to enjoy the best views in Peoria, and let the kids burn off energy at the end at Grandview Drive Park.
The Tower in Peoria Heights:  The kids enjoy the elevator ride up the tower and the birds-eye view of the colorful Illinois River Valley.
Detweiller Park:  The playground near the Dogwood shelter is another fall favorite.  The playground is surrounded in awesome colors.  
Forest Park:  This is a great place to play "I Spy" with the kids in the autumn splendor. 
Wildlife Prairie State Park:  I can't say enough about how much we love this place!
Walking & Bike Trails:  The Rock Island Trail in north Peoria/Dunlap and the East Peoria Trail to Morton are gorgeous areas for a stroll or bike ride. 
Luthy Botanical Garden:  Their Chrysanthemum Show with "The Nightmare Before Christmas" theme is happening right now
If all the leaves have fallen at these places when you get there, then you have an awesome opportunity to jump & play in all the leaves with your kids.  The kids always love dumping leaves on mommy's head.