Memorable Indoor Fun Activities! And Add Yarn to Your Shopping List!

Posted on: Mon, 01/14/2013 - 15:49| By: GinaBina

If it’s bitterly cold for you to be outside, here are proven, fun, indoor ideas in our household.  They’re cheap and easy to do.  Read below about a  Yarn Obstacle Course, Cardboard Ramps, Blanket Forts, & Box Cities.  Enjoy creating these memories for the entire family, like we do!

Yarn Obstacle Course:  Add inexpensive yarn to your shopping list right now, if you don’t have any at home.  The accompanying pic is the yarn obstacle course we made in our home with chairs.  Wind the yarn around chairs, tables, doorknobs, and sturdy furniture.  The kids will have fun climbing through it, while trying not to touch the “laser beams.”  It’s too cute when watching them.  Afterwards, my kids made their action figures zipline, and also trapped their toy aircrafts in the web.   The idea was inspired from Pinterest.  Please supervise your children during this activity.  

Cardboard Ramps:  Well, I’m glad recycling comes once a month.  Otherwise, there would be no cardboard or boxes for all our fun.  We’ve made a lot of cardboard ramps in our house for bouncy balls to roll down or small toy cars to zoom down.  The easiest ramp is finding or taping together a long piece of cardboard, folding it in half, and rolling bouncy balls down it.  This is a good one for kids to experiment on- 1) Are rails needed? 2) How high or low does the ramp need to be? 3) Can different ramps be connected?     Our favorite ramps are the multi-leveled ones.  For my kids, this is actually cheaper and more fun than those official toy race car ramps.  

Blanket Forts:  Who didn’t love making forts with blankets, tables, the sofa, furniture, pillows, chairs, or whatever was in your house when you were a kid.  No instruction needed.  Just a friendly reminder to build one, and it’s FREE to do.  

Box Cities:  We accumulate quite a few boxes until the monthly recycling day comes around.  Usually the kids go out to the pile, and snatch a box for their action figures to hide out in.  A kid can find any use for a box- shoe box, cereal box, granola box, gift box, mac n cheese box, etc.  You can use a glue gun or duct tape to stack boxes to create tall buildings, train stations, hide-outs, boats, castles, schools, or whatever the mind imagines.  Also, you can let the kids have fun stacking them and knocking them down. It’s up to you if you want to decorate them with construction paper, markers, paint, wrapping paper, stickers, duct tape, or anything else creative.  We got a few toy airplanes for Christmas and made our own aircraft carrier from boxes and duct tape, which is better than buying a $50 toy aircraft carrier.  A pic of it will be posted on facebook soon.  

Go be imaginative and create lasting memories!