Give The Gift Of Family Memberships To Area Attractions: Zoo, Riverfront Museum, WPSP, Children's Museum

Posted on: Tue, 12/03/2013 - 14:49| By: GinaBina

Family memberships at Central Illinois attractions are worth the money. Besides visiting the attraction many times over, the reciprocal program is a great benefit. Since you're all ready being bombarded with Christmas ideas at the stores, I wanted to encourage you or ask the grandparents for a family membership to area attractions as a Christmas gift for the ENTIRE family. Although we love LEGO, we certainly don't need anymore LEGO sets scattered around the house.  Read below on the benefits of a family membership and reciprocity.   
With the Peoria Zoo Family Membership, a family of four visiting the animals three times pays for itself. Your kids will get to follow the growth of the baby tigers with a membership. Plus, the family membership gets your family FREE into 130 other zoos through the reciprocal program. Zoos included are in the Bloomington, Springfield, Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Louis areas.
The Family Membership Plus at the Children's Discovery Museum of Normal is a favorite. The museum is only 45 minutes away from Peoria, and is a great way to spend the day. All kids love interacting with the exhibits. Their reciprocal program is the best because it is allows you to get in FREE to several science and children's museums (ASTC and ACM). The family membership allows you to get into several Chicago attractions for FREE including the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Children's Museum, DuPage Children's Museum, and much more. Then, there is a whole list for St. Louis as well. Click on their webpage for a complete list. This membership is great, especially if you visit relatives who live in other areas with reciprocal museums.
With a Family Membership at Peoria Riverfront Museum , you can leisurely visit the new museum multiple times. There's so much to check out- The Street, the Illinois River Encounter, IHSA Peak Performance, International Features Gallery, and more. The kids will definitely enjoy the Discovery Worlds area! The Family Membership at the Peoria Riverfront Museum allows you to get into FREE to several other science museums as well through the reciprocal program. But you do not get into as many children's museums as the Normal Children's Museum, since it is not a member of the Association of Children's Museums (ACM). Visit the Peoria Riverfront Museum's webpage for a complete list of reciprocal museums. Be aware that the Peoria Riverfront Museum and the Normal Children's Museum do NOT offer free reciprocal admission to each other. You do receive discount admission, though.
Although Wildlife Prairie State Park does not offer a reciprocal program with its family membership, it is a great attraction to admire the scenery and visit animals not found at the zoo.
Support area attractions with the gift of a family membership.