Easter Egg Yarn Craft Treat

Posted on: Wed, 03/20/2013 - 17:19| By: GinaBina


I saw this awesome egg craft shared a few times on my facebook feed.  Google the image "Easter Egg Craft Little Birdie Invitations and Design" for the pretty picture.  Ours came out more like spherical balls.  The kids and I tried it out to see how simple it is, and it is simple.  We slightly modified the directions.  If you've been following PeoriaParent.com activities, you should all ready have yarn, balloons, and maybe gold chocolate coins in your house :)  


1) Add your treat to the balloon, and blow it up.  The original directions said to blow it up to egg size, but we did a tennis ball and softball size.  We stuck gold coins in one, and a Batman figure in the other.  

2) Mix equal parts glue and water in a shallow disposable container.  The original directions said craft glue, but we used elmer's school glue.


3) Dip a strand of yarn in the glue mix, and cover the balloon.  Repeat with the strands overlapping


4) Dry overnight. Pop the balloon.  Be a bit careful removing the balloon.  My preschooler removed the balloon, and at first I thought he would crush it.  It kinda bounced back to shape.    


It came out so cool!  Ours may not have a lot of overlapping because a coin fell out and Batman was falling out.  The textile feel is pretty interesting.  Have fun playing around.  Thanks to Little Birdie Invitations and Design in Australia for the idea!!!