Do An I Spy Hike At Forest Park Nature Center

Posted on: Thu, 10/17/2013 - 13:59| By: GinaBina

My kids loved an autumn hike at Forest Park Nature Center. It’s a great way to exercise, to respect nature, and to create memories as a family. Below is a list of interesting things we spied.
Funky Fungi: The Nature Center has a Fungi of Forest Park Display, and we saw several of the mushrooms during our hike. On our hike, there were several awesome giant puffball mushrooms. The kids excitedly noted they were probably bigger than their heads.
Big Leaves: My kids are always thrilled when they find fallen leaves that are bigger than their face.
Animals: Squirrels and turkeys were spotted. Deer were spotted on previous trips.
Colored Leaves: The reds and oranges are our favorite. We can’t wait to go back when it’s full autumn colors at Forest Park.
Different Shaped Leaves: The kids noted skinny, squiggly, broad shapes, and more. I guess we should have done the Tree ID walks earlier in the month to ID them.
Seeds: A lot of acorn caps and pods were spotted
Bridges: The kids dictated the hike looking for trails with bridges. (Suggestion: Bring a map)
Bird Calls: We didn’t spy birds, but we heard them. We believe we heard a catbird and a woodpecker.
Photo Ops: Forest Park is absolutely gorgeous for photographing kids. Friends’ pics and my pics always come out awesome.
Nature Center: The kids always love observing the little creatures, and learning from the wall displays.