12 Activities to Commemorate 12-12-12!

Posted on: Tue, 12/11/2012 - 16:59| By: GinaBina


Here are 12 ideas for 12-12-12.  I don't know if we'll complete everything on 12-12-12, but we'll try.  Feel free to improvise with your own ideas.  If you forget to do these on 12-12-12, some ideas can be modified to 25 on Christmas Day.  Have fun!   



1.  Take a photo with a sign marked "12-12-12" next to a digital clock at 12:12pm

2.  Lay out sides or snacks in groups of 12.  Use 12 grapes, 12 pieces of cheese, 12 fruit loops, 12 cheerios, 12 broken bits of granola, 12 goldfish,  12 orange slices, 12 crackers, 12 chips, 12 M &M's, 12 carrots, 12 celery sticks, or whatever is in your house.  If you're ambitious, do 12 different kinds of foods.  

3.  Do a picture with 12 items on it.  Draw 12 items like stars, use 12 stickers, glue 12 puffballs, or use 12 of whatever crafty item you have.

4.  Have a hopping good time.  Do 12 bunny hops, 12 frog jumps, 12 jumps on the left leg, 12 jumps on the right leg, 12 jumping jacks, or whatever the kids think is fun.  Follow their lead.  

5.  Count $12.12, and decide with your child where to donate it.  

6.  Get your groove on, and dance for 12 minutes and 12 seconds with your kids.  All kids love to dance!

7.  Give 12 people hi-5's or fist bumps

8.  Invite 12 stuffed animals to a tea party starting at 12:12pm (or 12 action figures).

9.  Make 12 cards with your kids for loved ones

10. Read 12 picture books

11. Stack 12 blocks or 12 boxes, and have fun knocking it down (angry birds-style or not).

12. Give your kids 12 hugs & 12 kisses to your kids.  Or even more!


(I need to say that this idea was sparked from my friend Run with Jess asking her fitness friends to do 12 mile or 12K runs or bike rides.  My goal is to do a 12k run.)